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LiquorPlan is a professional town planning services business that seeks to achieve the best outcomes for its clients in relation to obtaining planning permits for use of land for the sale and consumption of liquor in Victoria. As specialists, we are knowledgeable, successful and cost effective in the complex area of statutory planning approval for licensed premises.

LiquorPlan’s principal relationships are with existing or prospective licensees, as well as solicitors, architects, designers, acoustic consultants, building surveyors and other professionals involved with licensed premises. Obtaining a planning permit is usually a team effort, and we work collaboratively with our clients and their other trusted advisers to achieve the best outcomes.

At LiquorPlan, we know that our clients want value for money. We are able to provide this through our unique combination of experience, innovation and determination without having the significant overheads of a larger business. When someone would potentially like us to provide a service, we will firstly investigate their issue, based on information via phone or email, before giving a written quote.

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LiquorPlan was established in 2013 by Matt Gorman, Consultant Town Planner in response to the fact that the planning of licensed premises – Nightclubs, Hotels, Taverns/bars, Bottle shops, Restaurants. Function centres, Wineries, Breweries etc – had become a unique area of planning due to increasingly detailed documentation and other requirements. Media, council, government and resident group interest in (and in some cases, hostility to) liquor-related issues has added to this complexity.

Matt has over twenty-two years’ experience in dealing with planning permit applications involving licensed premises both as a local government planning officer and (since 2003) as a consultant to both councils and private clients. In particular he was fortunate to have spent over four years (1997-2002) of his career in inner Melbourne, at the City of Yarra - which has one of Victoria's highest concentrations of licensed premises, and where licensed premises applications continue to be controversial. Matt was involved in determining applications involving licensed premises, as well as representing the council about them at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT).

In the following years - as a consultant - licensed premises applications continued to be a key focus of Matt’s professional activities. He was involved in many permit applications involving licensed premises - as a provider of letters, planning reports, noise and amenity action and other management plans, cumulative impact assessments and verbal advice for private clients, and also as an assessor of licensed premises applications for councils.

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What We Do

Specialist Advice & Problem Solving

Specialist advice and feedback on town planning requirements for licensed premises, feedback and general problem-solving re town planning requirements for licensed premises.

Project Management

Project management of town planning permit applications for licensed premises, including preparing and lodging the application, liaising with the council, responding to any further information requests, dealing with objections, following up applications and advocating the client’s case. Carrying out public notice can be provided if required, however clients can also do this themselves to save money.

Submissions in support of town planning applications including responses to further information requests

Reports on town planning permit applications concerning licensed premises including written responses to Clause 52.27 Licensed premises and/or local council policies on licensed premises. Clients who lodge their own planning applications often contact us for professional assistance in responding to council requests for further information.


Coordinating other relevant professionals to provide red line plans, site plans, site analysis plans/site context plans, building surveyors reports, acoustic reports, traffic reports, etc.

Cumulative Impact Assessment

Cumulative Impact Assessments (in longer or shorter forms) based on "Planning Practice Note 61” and including details of all licensed premises within a 500m radius.

Management Plans for Licensed Premises

Noise and Amenity Action Plans, Venue Management Plans, Patron Management Plans etc pursuant to various local council policies.

Car Parking Demand Assessments

Car Parking Demand Assessments pursuant to Clause 52.06 Car parking.

Existing Use Rights

Existing Use Rights Statements pursuant to Clause 63 Existing uses.

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